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The Ambient

Gorgeously arising from the earth around it, Verdisso does not rush to reveal itself. The estate sits in harmony with its natural surroundings, offering a soft transition from the roughness of the gorge to its lush, vivid exterior. Just as it honors the land, it celebrates the light.


The art of Cooking

Our cuisine is not just a list of ingredients! Our Cooking is emotional – a collision of techniques, ideas, and culture. Ultra-fresh ingredients are carefully put together to pursue that perfect taste that satisfies the body and the soul.

Our chef combines intuition and technical acumen with the dual perspective of artist and cook. From selecting ingredients to carefully putting them together, each stage of the cooking process is afforded the same meticulous consideration and attention.

“Those who know how to taste food and wine, they see the art, and those are the ones who savour the secrets''



The Service

With the freedom to explore, we have the privilege to learn, and by asking ourselves why we can better understand the path to how. At Verdisso, we question everything — convention, past methodologies, or how we can do something just a little bit better. When our founders created Verdisso, they dreamed of a unique establishment that would transcend generations. The essential human touch is crucial to this vision. It brings forth the characteristics of this place through a balance of delicate coaxing and gentle restraint. The Verdisso team serves every guest with experience, devotion, and dedication. This place is the passion of each of us, and we are delighted to share it with friends around the world.

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