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We are Verdisso!

This is where hospitality aspiration meets innovation, what is meets what can be, and impossible surrenders to teamwork. Soak up the unique atmosphere of Hotel and Restaurant Verdisso, embrace the beauty that surrounds you and enjoy a truly unforgettable stay.

Here, the magic starts when you pull up the driveway, are greeted by the concierge, and ushered into the elegantly designed lobby with its iconic mirror walls. Welcome to a remarkable institution.


The Restaurant

Creative freedom lies at the core of Verdisso. It’s pervasive, ubiquitous, but at the same time, subtle and seemingly paradoxical to those who don’t know us. In no place do we experience that more than in our restaurant. Our commitment to absolute quality extends to the relationships we build with our guests. We take pride in sharing our passion for excellence with friends worldwide.

“Hospitality, to me, is devotion. It's friends and family. It's the warmth of the heart and the generosity of the soul.''



Our Rooms

Not satisfied with the property’s design, the current owners and managers of the building carried out sympathetic restoration work intending to return to the nature that surrounds the place. Double rooms, family-friendly suites, sundrenched balconies, private gardens, our wide variety of rooms means there’s something to suit everyone’s wants and wishes.

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